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Serve static content for the app from the “public” directory in the application directory:

Mount the middleware at “/static” to serve static content only when their request path is prefixed with “/static”:

Disable logging for static content requests by loading the logger middleware after the static middleware:

Serve static files from multiple directories, but give precedence to “./public” over the others:

The req object represents the HTTP request and has properties for the request query string, parameters, body, HTTP headers, and so on. In this documentation and by convention, the object is always referred to as req (and the HTTP response is res ) but its actual name is determined by the parameters to the callback function in which you’re working.

But you could just as well have:

The req object is an enhanced version of Node’s own request object and supports all built-in fields and methods .

In Express 4, is no longer available on the object by default. To access uploaded files on the object, use multipart-handling middleware like busboy , multer , formidable , multiparty , connect-multiparty , or .

This property holds a reference to the instance of the Express application that is using the middleware.

If you follow the pattern in which you create a module that just exports a middleware function and require() it in your main file, then the middleware can access the Express instance via

The URL path on which a router instance was mounted.

The req.baseUrl property is similar to the mountpath property of the app object, except app.mountpath returns the matched path pattern(s).

Even if you use a path pattern or a set of path patterns to load the router, the baseUrl property returns the matched string, not the pattern(s). In the following example, the greet router is loaded on two path patterns.

When a request is made to /greet/jp , req.baseUrl is “/greet”. When a request is made to /hello/jp , req.baseUrl is “/hello”.

Contains key-value pairs of data submitted in the request body. By default, it is undefined , and is populated when you use body-parsing middleware such as body-parser and multer .

The following example shows how to use body-parsing middleware to populate req.body .

When using cookie-parser middleware, this property is an object that contains cookies sent by the request. If the request contains no cookies, it defaults to {} .

If the cookie has been signed, you have to use Parker Tweed Knit Jacket Lowest Price Sale Best Place Sale Sneakernews Clearance 2018 Newest Cheap Sale Visa Payment 0RiJfYca

Whilst it is possible to attempt decryption without the key (by trying every possible key in turn), in practical terms it will take such a long time to find the right key (ie many millions of years) that it becomes effectively impossible. However, as computing power increases, the length of time taken to try a large number of keys will reduce so it is important to keep algorithms and key sizes under consideration, normally by establishing a review period.

Encryption should be considered alongside a range of other technical and organisational security measures.

Organisations will need to ensure that use of encryption is effective against the risks they are trying to mitigate, as it cannot be used in every processing operation.

Organisations should consider the benefits that encryption will offer as well as the residual risks and whether there are other security measures that may be appropriate to put in place. A Splendid HighRise Pants w/ Tags Buy Cheap Cheap Low Shipping Cheap Price Factory Sale Discount Outlet Store HPYDqgn
will help document any decisions and the reasons for them. This can also ensure that the organisation is only using the minimum of personal data necessary for the purpose.

The importance of good key management should also not be underestimated. Organisations should ensure that they keep the keys secret in order for encryption to be effective.

Encryption can take many different forms. Whilst it is not the intention to review each of these in turn, it is important to recognise when and where encryption can provide protection to certain types of data processing activities.

Encryption is also governed by laws and regulations, which may differ by country. For example, in the UK data owners may be required to provide access to the key in the event they receive a court order to do so.

Not all processing activities can be completely protected from end to end using encryption. This is because at present information needs to exist in a plain text form whilst being ‘actively processed’. For example, data contained within a spreadsheet can be stored in an encrypted format but in order to be opened by the spreadsheet software and analysed by the user it must first be decrypted. The same is true for information sent over the internet – it can be encrypted whilst it is in transit but must be decrypted in order for the recipient to read the information.

When processing data, there are a number of areas that can benefit from the use of encryption. The benefits and risks of using encryption at these different points in the lifecycle should be assessed separately. The two main purposes for which data controllers may wish to consider using encryption are data storage and data transfer. These two activities can also be referred to as data at rest and data in transit.


Data controllers should have a policy governing the use of encryption, including guidelines that enable staff to understand when they should and should not use it.

For example, there may be a guideline stating that any email containing sensitive personal data (either in the body or within an attachment) should be sent encrypted or that all mobile devices should be encrypted and secured with a password complying with a specific format.

Data controllers should also be aware of any industry or sector specific guidelines that may recommend a minimum standard for encrypting personal data.

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